Kabaddi is an ancient Indian game which is developed in India itself. Saint Tukaram said that lord Krishna has played kabaddi when he was a kid. Now it is a famous international game introduced in Berlin olymic in 1936. It is a contact game and is a outdoor sport which was very famous in the 18th century in India. Basically the wrestlers used to play this game for the fitness and activeness. It is found that there are many forms of this game which changes place to place in India this can be categorized in a a broadway as

Kabaddi in MaharashtraGirls_Kabaddi
Hududu  in Bangladesh
Baiballa in Maldives
Changudu in Andhra Pradesh

these are different from one another in terms of rules and way of playing but broadly they are form of kabaddi. Kabaddi is national game of  Bangladesh. It is also the state game of  Maharashtra, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. Asian country like India Pakistan Nepal Bangladesh play this game. Only Asian countries have won the World Cup of this reputed game in men and women category world cup.

Responsible Orgnaization
All India Kabaddi Federation is responsible body for the making and implementing the law related to a kabaddi which was established in the year 1950 since then this is the only body working for kabaddi in India but in 1972 darks was reconstituted as Amature Kabaddi Federation of India AKFI under this Federation the first and national tournament was held in Chennai. Kabaddi is very popular in Japan also it was promoted by Sundar Ram of India in 1979 to the Japan on behalf of a KFC the. First Asian Championship was held in 1980 and India was a champion beating Bangladesh the game was included for first time in Asian Cup in Beijing in 1990